Solutions that make a difference.


Combustion is a consulting and development agency that specializes in new technology, data and psychology. We apply our combined talents to communications, product development and operations.

We’re the “new tech” arm of your company. Years of successful experience on large brands, small brands, large agencies and small agencies have given us insight into a better way of executing your vision.

We cut through the red tape, don’t get influenced by internal politics and execute plans with results that you can measure.


Saved over $1,000 per day in social marketing.

Reduced our client's cost/lead from $254 to $77.

Improved conversions by 82% based on more accurate decision making.

Increased leads from 885 to 2,985 in less than one year.

Recovered over $465,000 of lost leads.


We find better ways of finding, qualifying and nurturing leads through any product lifecycle. We will take your sales to the next level.

We use new tech to solve your problem and conduct tests and pilots before you invest millions.

We leverage AI to automate systems, decrease human error and increase confidence in decisions.

We realize every business is different and needs more than an “out of the box” CRM software. From marketing to sales, we will connect the dots for you.

For our clients in medical and financial, innovation and compliance are usually like oil and water. That is why we have focused our energy into developing innovative HIPAA and FINRA compliment solutions.

You cannot scale without automation. We take your complex operations and deploy tools to enable seamless workflow and transparency into performance.

We segment and personalize marketing and communication channels without the need for additional employees.

We build true engaging experiences through new technology that brings your brand to life.

We benchmark our solutions and measure how each performed so you are comfortable with your investment.


We brought Combustion in to identify solutions we needed for scaling our marketing and operations back when we were 6 locations in 1 state. Within the first year, they have developed and integrated innovative tools for our marketing investment automation, call center, patient tracking directly from our EMR and real-time lifecycle dashboards giving us optics for decision-making we could never do before. 18 months later, Allure is in 24 locations across 7 states… I don’t know how we could have scaled this quickly without our Combustion partnership.

Traci G.
Chief Development Officer
Allure Medical

We hired Combustion to enhance our technology platform to start with, but we grew with them and started to test out new marketing initiatives and more automated ways of handling our operations and product.  We were growing so fast that we needed an innovative way to scale our unique product and Combustion helps us achieve scalable solutions to grow quicker. Some of the operational tools they built for us are saving 20% of time and some marketing tools save us thousands a day. Combustion is a great group to bring on when you need new thinking in a fast moving technology world.

Mike A.
Chief Executive Officer
White Glove