Combustion is a technology company that excels in marketing automation. With years of big brand and small brand experience, we thrive on challenging projects to bring measurable solutions to brands and their marketing.

We use design thinking with iterative pilots to prove out BIG IDEAS!

New Systems

Smart thinking beyond awareness, reach and conversion but through to seamless experiences for the customer as well as a company’s operations.

Problem Solving

Applying “Product R&D” to “Experience R&D” with lean startup & design thinking methods applied to solutions.

Scale Proven Solutions

Test and learn success’ that are scaled after proven.

Data Intelligence

Use smart data to trigger “red flags” to a company’s operations, drive more actionable insights and eventually automate marketing and operations.

Our Operating System

Combustion is a solutions company focused on helping companies grow. Through a synergistic blend of marketing, technology and psychology capabilities, Combustion develops measurable, results-based solutions to obtain new customers, retain existing customers and elevate your brand engagement.

Many of our clients consider us as the “advanced technology” arm of their company. Decades of combined successful experience helping both brands and agencies has given us on-going insight into a more innovative and effective ways of executing your vision:

  • Our lean methodology help us cut through the red tape.
  • We are immune to the influences of internal politics. 
  • We imagine, develop and execute plans with results that you can measure your ROI.


How We Solve Problems

For starters, we see problems as opportunities and challenges. We always seem to find ourselves running toward the fire rather than away from it.

It starts with our commitment to Design Thinking, an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine pain points in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be initially apparent.

When a challenge requires a solution outside of our existing platforms, we turn to lean startup methodologies when developing marketing and technology in order to maximize out of the box thinking. This guides us to when to pivot or persevere.

Automation Ahead

A key pillar in our business model, automation through technology is how we can lift objects 10X our size. 

After a method has been proven manually, from simple tasks to complex algorithms, the only true way to enable digital marketing at scale with consistent and positive results is through building automated tasks that communicate with multiple platforms via APIs. 

Our top grade developers are master integrators that work hand-in-hand with our seasoned strategists to continuously innovate new ways to make marketing faster, more cost effective and impactful to your business and bottom line.

Artificial Intelligence

With mountains of data from customers and other sources, we use machine learning algorithms to extract correlations and causation about the most optimal way (timing and segmentation) to lift participation in an automated fashion.

  • CRM Programs & Campaigns
  • Demographics
  • Geographics (household)
  • Website & App Interactions
  • Tracked Offline Engagement 
  • 3rd Party 
  • IoT 

Strategy & Journey

Discovery inputs point us in a direction to architect content in a way that achieves the consumer and business objective.


We’ll create a website that you can use to promote your brand, get more customers and generate more revenue.


Our full-service marketing approach provides a fresh perspective on how you can carry your business to the world.

Lead Gen

We help businesses generate and nurture subscribers with a focus on inbound marketing.



Customer Research


Engagement Hurdles


Customer Journey Mapping


Success Goals



Concept & Solution Ideation


Build Prototypes


Technical Proof-of Concepts



Piloting & Measurement


Product Launch!!!


Enterprise Scaling