Is your brand represented with copy and content that taps into how humans make decisions? Do you leverage this thinking to trigger emotion and action?

We use technology to evoke emotion.

Content that triggers the Right Brain to…

  • Get immersed into the experience
  • Follow an aspirational story
  • Vision themselves in a situation
  • Create relatable context – facts tell to sell the imagination of putting the audience into a product
  • Set focus on a problem & solution by pushing on emotional hot buttons

We use Principles Of Persuasion to drive people to take action.


When we receive something, we feel obliged to give something back



We feel compelled to be consistent with what we’ve said/done in the past. 


When we’re uncertain how to behave or react, we look to others for answers. 


We’re more likely to agree to someone’s request if we know and like him/her.



We tend to obey figures of authority (people with titles or expertise). 


We perceive something to be more valuable when it’s less available.